At Chabot Library, we have our new Maker's Space, which will be reserved for all sorts of activities.

Groups doing class-related activities such as poster projects, craft-related projects, or active group-study sessions can use this room.

Due to high demand, this room is limited to a group of four to eleven for a maximum of two hours (four timeslots) per day and six hours (twelve timeslots) per week. ROTATING MEMBERS OF A GROUP BEYOND THESE LIMITS IS A VIOLATION OF OUR RULES.  IF YOU DO SO, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO USE OUR STUDY ROOMS.

On rare exceptions, librarians will sign up groups for a longer time.  Groups MUST contact Pedro Reynoso, Interim Library Coordinator at for that ahead of time request.  Requests are still limited to one week in advance.

If at least two of you have NOT arrived in the Maker's Space by 10 minutes, the room becomes available to others.  ANY GROUP USING THE ROOM MUST SIGN UP, HOWEVER.;

Two no shows means you cannot sign up electronically and must talk to a librarian. 

You can cancel your reservation up to one hour before by clicking on the option to Cancel link you received in your Email or by contacting the Library at (510)723-7006.

Maker's Space Policies

Directions: Click on the one to four green timeslots below, then click on the Continue button, and fill out the form.  Your Zonemail address is listed in ClassWeb.